CAHS Content Strategy


Sometimes businesses need guidance about how to govern the style and content of their websites. This is a complete content strategy guide created to help the Capital Area Humane Society make informed decisions about how to create new content for their


I consulted with a representative from CAHS to understand the organization’s goals in a website. We discussed how the existing site could be improved and what new features she would like to see. I gained an understanding of the main uses of the CAHS website and also got an idea of what the organization’s branding standards were like. It was important to get information about where the current breakdowns in the structure were. From there, I was able to develop a plan and start to formulate solutions to these issues.

Content Strategy

The guide I created provides the Capital Area Humane Society with a comprehensive plan to rework their website. It provides advice on how to govern human capital within the organization, write editorial style that adheres to a specific voice and tone, and develop a successful metadata strategy to reach their customers. I created mock ups of the new site design and showed responsive layouts on mobile, tablet, and desktop.



For this project, I researched business goals of CAHS through informal interviews. I also tested the current site on users to identify where their needs weren't being met. This content strategy contains researched recommendations about how CAHS should develop the content on their site.


The guide was delivered to CAHS stakeholders and many of the recommendations were incorporated in to the live site, including the color palette, logo, and other design principles.

Sarah Hoag