L&K Spotlight Newsletter


As part of the Learning & Knowledge - Methods Education team, I created a newsletter which was distributed to the entire department to highlight our team’s latest work on the Methods Education Microsite. I consulted with our teammates to understand what the most important new features of the site were. After gaining the team’s input, I drafted a newsletter which highlights our team’s top accomplishments.



Voice communicates the personality of the deliverable and how to interact with the audience. The copy of the newsletter is written in a way which will capture the audience’s attention. My goal was to create a voice which is positive and stimulating. Using actionable sentences which immediately communicate the point draws readers in.

Editorial Style

Text is written in an active voice to increase audience engagement. Paragraphs are limited to 3 or 4 sentences in length to keep the style concise. Short and long sentences are mixed to keep the audience’s interest. I structured the document for easy scanning and broke the text up with an image and quote.


The newsletter was distributed to all members of the GBS Learning & Knowledge Global Community (Internal). This community includes 742 practitioners. The result is increased awareness about the Methods Education site updates in a large-scale, IT infrastructure. Increased traffic and engagement with the site was a result of the newsletter circulation.

Sarah Hoag