SAWA is a a public charitable 501(c)(3) organization. South Asian Women's Association of Greater Lansing was originally incorporated on March 2, 1993, but was registered in May 2015. The mission of the organization is to provide a forum to further South Asian women’s interests through intercultural dialogues and initiatives. SAWA's vision is to build a strong proactive social network of women and others interested in South Asian cultures.



I consulted with the stakeholders of SAWA to understand the discrepancies between their current, outdated website and their vision for a new, updated site. I took notes on key issues the site was having (not optimized for mobile, issues with alignment, spacing, etc.) and used these notes to later update the site. I used a clean, modern looking theme to give the site an updated look. I fixed the alignment and spacing, consolidated the photo galleries in to a single page, and created the South Asian Community Resource Book page. Within this page, the resources are divided by category and the drop down menu is clickable to reveal more information. The finished product meets the client's vision and expectations of the project.


Sarah Hoag